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Make sure staff are trained at spill control and prevention

If you have a potential risk on site, it’s important that all your staff are trained regarding the risk, so they know the steps to take should there be an accident.

Preparation can make accident response times tumble, as the workers who respond will know how to cope with the situation and take the right steps straight away. And this is becoming increasingly important at industrial sites that use harmful liquids such as chemicals and fuel.

If your staff are trained at coping with spills at your industrial site, they will be able to respond quickly and potentially stop the situation from becoming worse. Or at the very least, use a minimal amount of time and equipment to clean up the spill, improving workload efficiency times.

Trained staff can also make recommendations on the type of spill equipment you should have to hand at different locations. And can make other staff aware about their responsibilities regarding the dangers of not containing and cleaning spills.

If you or your staff need training on spill control, it’s worthwhile attending a spill control training course. During the course, the course instructor will discuss the best way to deal with different types of spills and how to choose and use the right spill control equipment.

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