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Industrial spill training

Spills can happen at any time, so any company that uses hazardous liquids must have policies in place that shows employees how to handle these particular liquids in case of a spill.

The health and safety of employees and the environment should be a top priority for all industrial businesses, but to do this they need to have the right procedures and products in place. Because spills can be common in industry, it’s important that staff who work at industrial sites are adequately trained in spill response, so they know what to do when a certain type of spill occurs.

Dealing with a spilled liquid can be a lot more difficult than you think, the type of liquid spilled and the type of response can vary greatly. Many people who have not been adequately trained and have had to deal with a spill say they would do things ‘differently’ had they received training or if the same spill happened again.

It’s all about being prepared

Every company should have their own spill response plans in place, which are relevant to the type of liquids they hold at site. And alongside this, staff should be appropriately trained and have the latest spill control equipment at their disposal, this means they can deal with the spill quickly and efficiently.

If your employees attend an accredited spill response course, they will know how to handle a certain type of spill and will be able to deal with spills quickly, which will hence reduce the impact the spill will have on site or to the environment.

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