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Industrial spill control and PPGs

There are many pollution instances in the UK every year, and in most cases these could have been stopped or at least minimised if the right spill control equipment had been used.

There are of course strict procedures to follow so the environment is not damaged by a hazardous spilled liquid and The Environment Agency enforce this with a set of Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPGs), which give advice to the community and business operatives as to how they can meet current regulations.

Most pollution incidents in the UK originate from industrial sites but incidents can also happen in agriculture and at home too. If a business takes the appropriate steps however, the waste they produce can be handled effectively and properly, reducing the chances of a spill.

The implementation of safety systems and good waste control business practices may take a little time, but the cost will be minimal compared to the fine imposed if you are found negligent of causing a spill which harms the environment. Something that can be highlighted in the extreme by the huge fines and costs BP has had to pay after the Deep Water Horizon oil spill.

The Environment Agency PPGs highlight the areas important to business users which need to be followed to minimise the chance of a spill, so are a good place to start while implementing your own spill control procedures.

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