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Enrol your staff on a spill training programme

When you own a business which requires staff to work with and around hazardous and potentially hazardous substances such as oil and chemicals, it’s vital that you ensure that they are all fully aware of the correct procedures to follow in the event of a spill.

Even sites which have very strict preventative measures in place can fall victim to a spill, which is why enrolling all staff on a spill training programme is of extreme importance.

Whatever industry you work in, as spill training can be carried out on your work site, you can rest assured that staff will receive bespoke training which is relevant to the size and type of the potential spills which they may find themselves dealing with.

Effective spill training will not only prepare your staff for quickly and efficiently dealing with spills, it will also educate them on the potential risks which spills pose- to the workplace, the environment and health.

Educating staff on penalties for breach of health and safety is another vital aspect of training which can have a significant impact on their attitude towards spills.

There’s no doubt that staff training is just as important as ensuring that you’re equipped with the correct spill control and containment equipment.

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