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Control equipment and a competent person

In previous articles we have discussed the importance of maintaining your control equipment and making sure that it will do the job that it is intended to do. Here, we will discuss who that person should be and what skills they should have.

Maintenance should be done by a competent person

Just as you would expect that the person who designed and installed your control equipment should have an adequate level of competency in the job they did, you should also make sure that designated members of staff on your site are also competent at maintaining and using the equipment.

Workers need to be involved in the development of suitable control methods and be encouraged to take ownership of systems at your plant, so ongoing improvements and regular reporting can take place.

However, the initial training and instruction on this equipment is of paramount importance if they are to be safe when using it.

• When the equipment is initially installed the dangers should be explained to those who will use the equipment in detail.

• Before any spills, you need to have practice drills, so workers can be trained to use spill kits if a real spill occurs.

• Demonstrate to your workers how the control measure works and explain how the risks are reduced.

• Discuss the necessary personal protective equipment when handling the equipment.

A competent person is a person who feels completely at ease using the equipment and who has had sufficient training and has knowledge of the equipment that allows them to use the equipment properly.

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